Audio Now Available

Our first track just released. Download it for free.

Hi everyone,

The letter this week will share an update on something we’ve been working on slowly over the past couple of months.

We realized that there would be great value in being able to record audio versions of our weekly letters so that people could listen to them rather than reading, as some of the letters can get quite long.

So we invested in some audio recording equipment and hired a good friend to create some original ambient background tracks for us. The goal was to create something that felt more like a spoken word musical track rather than simply an audio recording of the text.

Going forward, we plan to record each of our weekly letters and produce them as audio tracks for listening. We’ll start with the earlier letters and work our way forward.

Here is the first track, just released, we hope you enjoy!

Listen or download now

Secondly, we recently introduced a paid subscription option to the publication. Everything we produce will always be made available for free, but there are costs involved and so we wanted to give the option to help us cover those costs and fund the continuation of Kingdom Heard.

Here’s the link to subscribe:

Lastly, if you’ve been encouraged by our weekly letters, please consider sharing our publication with friends. As you’ve seen, we write these to be both an introduction to and a reminder about the Kingdom of God - both evangelistic and exhortation. Share with a non-born again friend who is curious or with a fellow believer who has been wanting to know God more fully and intimately.

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In love,